Citizen vigilance, volunteer community efforts, social media movements and privately funded private sector solutions already in progress include:

• Mitigation strategies include prevention of fraud and abuse through public intelligence and early  warning alert systems. This is why VP Task Force software, mobile apps & research repositories were developed,

• Citizen to Citizen (#C2C) social media movements working in tandem with delight documentation, public reporting, preemptive warning systems and technology such as  Altruesoft ® systems which include publicly managed CRM & CMS systems working in tandem with social media movements and the blogging community, 

• Collective education & unity (such as #Metoo and #C2C social media movements) focused on core problem (abuser traits) as the central catalyst for abuse,

• Ideally existing the domestic violence, child abuse, fraud and vulnerable person protection statutes in each State should work, however no laws are effective if they are not enforced. Regarding elder abuse, a very complex crime since it centers on undue influence the latest Federal Act;  S.178 - Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act may hold promise. In order for this to be effective those assisting victims and all Citizens learn their State vulnerable person protection and mandatory reporting statutes and diligently document their circumstances for civil and criminal violations,

• Preemptive technological and reporting platforms integrated with relevant internet public safety  resources enabled with accountability processes to mitigate potential/actual civil and criminal offences,

• Legislative reforms & increased mandatory mental health counseling (sign petitions at:,

• Specialized Courts & greater freedom for public policy focused on public reporting, monitoring and citizen online postings of victim-approved perpetrator alerts, supported by verifiable evidence a testimony,

• Creative consequences for offenders such as their paying increased taxes to alleviate burdens they consistently perpetrate on tax payers. incarceration is only a solution after all else fails.

• Government and private sector working in tandem with citizens, such as Infragard (partnership between the FBI and the private sector) model with an additional emphasis to provide protective measures for vulnerable persons, including collective response systems to combat, domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, white-collar crime (fraud), professional, business and facility violations,

• Enforced penalties and loss of State licenses for professionals whom knowingly exploit their clients for purpose of unjust enrichment, as well as provide false or fraudulent concealed information to the Courts.

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