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Citizen to citizen (#C2C) public safety reporting is a form of watchdog journalism research displayed through crowd-sourced data-aggregation.  Nationwide citizen advocates coordinate individual, nonprofit & for-profit citizen to citizen public safety social media posts, facilitate public dialog, research relevant region or event specific educational materials and marketing programs. C2C national volunteers also coordinate feedback with the coding development team to improve web & mobile interfacing, data collection and quality improvement initiatives. 

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The C2C Montana advocates coordinate all nonprofit and for-profit business citizen to citizen public safety campaigns, social media, public relations, community education and marketing programs. C2C Montana works with C2C National who coordinates feed back with the coding development team to improve web, & mobile interfacing, crowd-sourced & AI data collection, research, analysis and quality improvement initiatives. 


The #C2C Movement: Mission & Purpose.

#C2C’s central “action” purpose is to facilitate enhanced public safety legislation and promote Citizen to Citizen public safety reporting of fraud and abuse.

Report fraud and abuse at:

If Your Circumstance is an Emergency Dial 911.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the #Metoo movement which calls out sexual harassment,
the Citizen to Citizen (#C2C) public safety reporting is a social media hashing movement that focuses on those damaged by the following
societal abuse epidemics:

• Domestic Violence,
• Elder Abuse,
• Child Abuse and
• White-collar crime (fraud),

Events that also require vigilante public safety reporting include the following:

• Heroin epidemic,
• Human Trafficking epidemic,
• Terrorism epidemic,
• Mass-shooting epidemic.

What is the common denominator in these core societal plagues? That would be the abuser, and far more often than not the abusers inherit underlying pathological DSM-5 “Cluster B” traits.

To learn more about DSM-5 “Cluster B” traits watch the videos at:

Additionally, the #C2C technology includes a preemptive, or as necessary, a post damage remedy consisting of educational and technical components to forewarn potential or current victims by identifying some of the key source problems - those being maladjusted societal personality traits. Ingrained abuse traits that cause extreme hardships that often damage unsuspecting victims for the rest of their lives. Whenever possible a person needs to be preemptive. Learn the signs listed below beforehand and watch the online videos. If the damage is currently ongoing or has already occurred\ then warn others, this is the premise of Citizen to Citizen; #C2C public safety reporting.


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