Citizen to Citizen Public Safety Reporting & Northwest Journal News: Data Journalism, Crowd & AI Source Aggregation for Geospatial Trend Analysis.

How is Northwest Journal News Different? The Answer Lies In Our Proprietary News Gathering Technology Which Allows Direct Citizen Contact For Source Article Evidence Gathering.

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Data Tracking Fraud & Abuse Matters in All Judicial Districts


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Northwest Journal News public safety reporting is a form of watchdog journalism research displayed through crowd-sourced data-aggregation.  State, national and international citizen advocates coordinate individual, nonprofit & for-profit citizen to citizen public safety social media posts, facilitate public dialog, research relevant region or event specific educational materials and marketing programs. C2C national volunteers also coordinates feedback with the coding development team to improve web & mobile interfacing, data collection and quality improvement initiatives. 

Data journalism is a journalism specialty reflecting the increased role that numerical data is used in the production and distribution of information in the digital era. It reflects the increased interaction between content producers (journalist) and several other fields such as design, computer science and statistics. From the point of view of journalists, it represents "an overlapping set of competencies drawn from disparate fields.


Citizen to Citizen Public Safety Publishing Mission & Purpose.

#C2C’s central “action” purpose is to facilitate enhanced public safety legislation and promote Citizen to Citizen public safety reporting of fraud and abuse.

Report fraud and abuse at:

If Your Circumstance is an Emergency Dial 911.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the #Metoo movement which calls out sexual harassment,
the Citizen to Citizen (#C2C) public safety reporting is a social media hashing movement that focuses on those damaged by the following
societal abuse epidemics:

• Domestic Violence,
• Elder Abuse,
• Child Abuse and
• White-collar crime (fraud),

Events that also require vigilante public safety reporting include the following:

• Heroin epidemic,
• Human Trafficking epidemic,
• Terrorism epidemic,
• Mass-shooting epidemic.

What is the common denominator in these core societal plagues? That would be the abuser, and far more often than not the abusers inherit underlying pathological DSM-5 “Cluster B” traits.

To learn more about DSM-5 “Cluster B” traits watch the videos at:

Additionally, the #C2C technology includes a preemptive, or as necessary, a post damage remedy consisting of educational and technical components to forewarn potential or current victims by identifying some of the key source problems - those being maladjusted societal personality traits. Ingrained abuse traits that cause extreme hardships that often damage unsuspecting victims for the rest of their lives. Whenever possible a person needs to be preemptive. Learn the signs listed below beforehand and watch the online videos. If the damage is currently ongoing or has already occurred\ then warn others, this is the premise of Citizen to Citizen; #C2C public safety reporting.

Northwest Journal News: Citizen Journalism or A New Breed In And Of Itself?

The concept of citizen journalism (also known as “public“, “participatory“, “democratic“,”guerrilla” or “street” journalism) is based upon public citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.” Similarly, Courtney C. Radsch defines citizen journalism “as an alternative and activist form of news gathering and reporting that functions outside mainstream media institutions, often as a response to shortcomings in the professional journalistic field, that uses similar journalistic practices but is driven by different objectives and ideals and relies on alternative sources of legitimacy than traditional or mainstream journalism”. Jay Rosen proposes a simpler definition: “When the people formerly known as the audience employ the press tools they have in their possession to inform one another.”

Citizen journalism should not be confused with Community journalism or Civic journalism, both of which are practiced by professional journalists; Collaborative journalism which is the practice of professional and non-professional journalists working together; and Social journalism that denotes a digital publication with a hybrid of professional and non-professional journalism.

Citizen journalism is a specific form of both citizen media and user-generated content. By juxtaposing the term “citizen”, with its attendant qualities of civic-mindedness and social responsibility, with that of “journalism”, which refers to a particular profession, Courtney C. Radsch argues that this term best describes this particular form of online and digital journalism conducted by amateurs, because it underscores the link between the practice of journalism and its relation to the political and public sphere.

New media technology, such as social networking and media-sharing websites, in addition to the increasing prevalence of cellular telephones, have made citizen journalism more accessible to people worldwide. Recent advances in new media have started to have a profound political impact. Due to the availability of technology, citizens often can report breaking news more quickly than traditional media reporters. Notable examples of citizen journalism reporting from major world events are, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the 2013 protests in Turkey, the Euromaidan events in Ukraine, and Syrian Civil War and the 2014 Ferguson unrest. By contrast and Northwest Journal News investigations are far more complex from a reporting standpoint, researching many sources, repeating news cycle patterns from diverse viewpoints over an extended time period. In order to do this, extensive data tracking and repeating pattern analysis are required, this is where leading-edge technology is required. Since such technology is not available in the market we created our own. Will our methods redefine journalism, in an era where journalistic integrity is at all times lows. Only time will tell. An example of this cutting edge information gathering and souring is described in the whitepaper below.

VP TASKFORCE™ White Collar Crime Tracking, Profiling & Reporting Using Data-driven White & Silver Collar Fraud Perpetrator Profiling and Tracking System as an Integrated Software Suite.

VP TASKFORCE™ is public safety technology. The VP TASKFORCE™ public safety tool suite & platforms include the following integrated applications: CITIZEN SAFETY MAPS™Sherlock AI™ data-curating Detective, AEGIS Reports ™ and WHISTLEFIELD™ a mobile education, perpetrator alert, tracking and profiling App. Together this on and offline public safety social technology: documents, investigates, alerts and provides vulnerable person and the public relevant alerts, educational information and proximately based reporting features.

The Current Societal Plagues and Need for Citizen Journalism.

Northwest  Journal News current exposés define what mainstream media either fails to address or fails to address thoroughly. Alarming subject matter addressing the exploitation and willful genocide of  the nations elderly, those with disabilities, children, victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. NJN is exploratory citizen journalism from the victims perspective. Stories that bring the reader into the emotional realm of those damaged by  abuse, bullying, harassment, person crimes as well as fraud, negligence, exploitation, malpractice, business, professional and facility violations. NJN is a public safety platform; a podium for those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated — a megaphone for all persons whom are constitutionally protected under Federal Acts, State Statutes, Municipal Codes, Occupational License Ethics and Industry Regulations. A simplistic example of NJN reporting methods would be a combination of the following:


Copyright © 2018 Citizen's Public Safety Network (CPSN). Some rights reserved. Non-commercial use of text and images in which CPSN holds the copyright is permitted, with attribution, under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons License. This website and vulnerable person task force software (VP Task Force ™) was developed by Altruesoft ® in partnership with the  Citizen's Public Safety Network in Coeur D'alene, Idaho. CPSN is dedicated to reducing the negative impact of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons, senior citizens, those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence, person crimes, civil rights violations and related crime — those whom have had their civil and inalienable human rights violated. All persons whom are constitutionally protected under Federal Acts, State Statutes, Municipal Codes, Occupational License Ethics and Industry Regulations.

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