Citizen Public Safety Research.

Citizen to citizen, country to country public safety and educational resources help families & advocates compare repeating patterns of elder abuse, domestic violence, child mistreatment, white-collar crime, fraud, corruption, professional, business & facility standards violations. If your circumstance is an emergency call 911.

Relevant Fraud and Abuse Education & Public Safety Alert Systems

Volunteer citizen watchdogs, data journalists/aggregators, researchers & publishers crowd-source hash tagged Social Media and AI curated internet content for citizen based research projects, data analysis & event tracking for mobile & web alert platforms. Alert others by reporting fraud & abusive behaviors.

Growing Advocate Network

As the national epidemic of elder abuse, domestic violence. child abuse, white-collar crime, fraud and professional malpractice increases correspondently so does the number of volunteered advocates and nonprofits to combat the abusers. This site is a gateway to those whom want to help and understands their duties as citizens is to assist in building safe communities.


Those willing to help combat these societal plagues can assist in mitigating the damages caused by abusive persons by warning others. This can be done from the comfort of you own home on your computer or anyplace else using you cell phone. Knowledge, social media and technology are public safety tools. Use each to help yourself, victims and all those affected by fraud and abuse.

Mobile Apps Capture Evidence

The increased vigilance of ordinary citizens gaining knowledge and fulfilling their civic duty - each willing to report the truth, whistle blow and remain vigilant in and of itself is a deterrent to abusive persons and those whom repeatedly commit fraud. There is strength in numbers. The #C2C Movement is about gathering evidence for the purpose of research and warning others.

Citizen to Citizen Advocate Participants & Resources

This web portal provides advocate media news feeds in an expanding region by region alert network. As well as public safety tools, educational resources and geolocation proximity based warnings.

Knowing & Exposing the Truth Works. People Just Like You Are Already Making A Difference.

The social & media aspect of regular persons sharing their circumstances with others is gaining a reputation as an anti abuse, fraud and corruption movement. This perception does not stray to far from the truth. This phenomena also involves a form of whistle-blowing among persons sharing discussions and exposing the truth as defined by true experiences and using this as means to assist victims affected by abuse, fraud, corruption, harassment, bullying and related harmful circumstances.


Citizen to Citizen & Country to Country public safety reporting is about civic virtue, vigilance, altruism — looking out for one another in essence. Training oneself and warning others of the pathological traits in abusive persons. Traits historically referred to as the 7 sins now scientifically labelled as Cluster B personality disorders under the DSM-5; The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The Cluster B abuse disorders are characterized by persons whom inflict physical or emotional and/or financial damages to others. Typically, persons they know. These persons are controlling, intimidating, manipulative, and exploitative. These behaviors are insidious meaning they happen gradually over time, escalate and often follow a repeating cycle. When these abuser’s traits rise to the pathological level the abuse escalates to dangerous levels. These persons are a public safety risk; capable of inflicting lifelong damages to friends and family whom naively trusted them. The Cluster B traits include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and psychopathy which has recently been categorized as variation of antisocial disorder. Some psychologists label the comorbid grouping of these various traits evident in one person as a Dark Triad; excessive pathological character traits of narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy all rolled into one volatile individual.

The Citizens Public Saftey Movement is aided by Altuesoft ® software. The Altuesoft ® software suite "VP Task Force" provides a Cross-discipline Code Pairing Process which identifies patterns to further profile with repeating alleged civil or criminal violations. After a vetting process, evidence is analyzed to develop a risk-analysis profile. Once this is established profiles are compared to similar historical and regional events then mapped for purpose warning other citizens. This process is known as verifiable whistleblowing and has a multitude of benefits for crime analysis, public safety, trend forecasting and mitigation.

Transcending Conventionalism To Transform Communities Articles

The Citizen Public Safety Crowd-sourcing Network Includes Advocate Social Media News Feeds include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, MeWe, RSS and related feeds by region each broadcasting relevant information specific to their area on domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, white collar crime, fraud, professional, business and facility standard violations.

Destructive Impediments of Dichotomy

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

     One of humankind’s most destructive impediments is the tendency to perceive imaginary fears as opposing dichotomies or threatening ideologies. In doing so imaginary fears become reality; circumstances exasperate and become a very real “clear and present danger”. Desire or fear tend to create an either its only black or its only white thinking which tends to breed mistrust and hinders broad-based inclusive solutions.

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Inclusive Solutions

All inclusive Means to Conflict Resolution

     A Systems Theory approach allows civic leaders & mediators alike to engage in effective, mutually-accountable consensus building. A vital initial step is to develop a  framework to promote a unified vision in such a manner where all parties are allowed to offer creative solutions. When all participants contribute towards a community’s vision or solving a conflict, commitment is at a maximum and both individual and group transform each other.

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Systems Approach to Contentions

Solution Focused Vision Beyond Dichotomy

     A unifying vision when it stems from realistic optimism provides an image for a more desirable community. As Peter Block (1987) explains, “A vision statement is an expression of hope, and if we have no hope, it is hard to create a vision” (p. 107).

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Citizen To Citizen (C2C) Public Safety Movement