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AAAPG Warriors Unite and Fight Florida Guardianship Abuse

AAAPG End Abusive Guardianship
Florida and AAAPG's New Breed Activist's "Probate Warriors" CITIZEN BULLETIN; FLORIDA, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018. Civil Rights Activists For Elder Rights, Victims from all around Florida represented by AAAPG ( and especially with the dogged persistence of our member Doug Franks (who was honored in the FL Senate for his work) were instrumental in the creation of the OPPG. It has taken several years for these charges to be brought by the OPPG and its lead investigator, Anthony Palmieri. For that we are thankful. We hope that the persistence of the Post and John Pacenti will result in serious penalties for those perpetrating this type of unconscionable fraud. But if past experience is any measure, we fear that the judicial hierarchy will rally to insulate Colin and Savitt from any meaningful jeopardy and let them off the hook (are you listening Chief Judge Marx?). After all Colin and French will both be retired soon and no other judge in his right mind will give cases to Savitt now (even though she remains on the wheel incredibly).   Read Full Story on My Palm Beach Post:

AAAPG Spokesperson Dr. Sam Sugar describes this national racket in detail in his recently published book "Guardianships and the Elderly-the perfect crime" (available on Amazon), Sugar suggests that anyone concerned about an elderly parent or family dysfunction that could lead them down the path to probate court read this book and become educated about the risks that face families when they ask lawyers and judges to become involved in their family matters. But their actions are the tip of a much much larger iceberg of similar exploitation going on all over this state and many many others. It bespeaks a deep level of hubris and arrogance when our Bar and JQC complaint departments willfully ignore an avalanche of complaints against the probate insiders all over the state for years. No lawyer who values his career is willing to take on the probate racket. No family litigant in probate equity courts, particularly those who cannot afford top-tier representation and appear pro se, has any expectation of even being heard by these equity judges who seem to believe that the estates that come before them for adjudication should rightfully pass into the hands of the lawyers who practice in front of them in order to line all their pockets with years of rubberstamped fee petitions for massive amounts of money so as to ensure that they are reelected.  



“I can’t imagine a class of people more susceptible to criminals than wards of a court,” Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson

Destructive Impediments of Dichotomy

Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

     One of humankind’s most destructive impediments is the tendency to perceive imaginary fears as opposing dichotomies or threatening ideologies. In doing so imaginary fears become reality; circumstances exasperate and become a very real “clear and present danger”. Desire or fear tend to create an either its only black or its only white thinking which tends to breed mistrust and hinders broad-based inclusive solutions.

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Inclusive Solutions

All inclusive Means to Conflict Resolution

     A Systems Theory approach allows civic leaders & mediators alike to engage in effective, mutually-accountable consensus building. A vital initial step is to develop a  framework to promote a unified vision in such a manner where all parties are allowed to offer creative solutions. When all participants contribute towards a community’s vision or solving a conflict, commitment is at a maximum and both individual and group transform each other.

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Systems Approach to Contentions

Solution Focused Vision Beyond Dichotomy

     A unifying vision when it stems from realistic optimism provides an image for a more desirable community. As Peter Block (1987) explains, “A vision statement is an expression of hope, and if we have no hope, it is hard to create a vision” (p. 107).

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Citizen To Citizen (C2C) Public Safety Movement